Our Method

LA VILLA PROPERTY HUNTER, much more than a real estate agency!

We are not a real estate agency and we do not want a real estate portfolio. This way, we guarantee to be objective and impartial, avoiding conflicts of interests. We offer a tailored service and will present you only with products that correspond to your requests and wishes. You will have access to the true opportunities on the Costa del Sol.

How to find your property in 5 steps:


Contact us to propose your project with no commitment on your end. A member of our team will phone you.

Your project

We organize an appointment by phone or via video teleconference (Skype). We will be flexible with your availability and you will be assigned one of our advisors. Then we confer and design a specifications study to meet your preferences and needs.

This specifications study includes location, description and characteristics of the property you are looking for, as well as an analysis of the potential investment and market, financing options if needed, etc…

We advise you and fine-tune your search, analyzing its viability according to the current market (price, availability, estimated time, etc ...) and draw together the indispensable mutual trust in this collaboration.


If our personalized proposal pleases you, we prepare an agreement and commit ourselves to find the property that meets your expectations. This document will also show that we work exclusively for you, the buyer, and that there are no charges for you: our fees are fixed and paid by the seller.

This agreement does not indicate any exclusivity and you can cancel it any moment. It allows us to previsit for you all the products in the market and make the necessary verifications without you having to move. This will avoid you bad surprises and unnecessary visits.

Once signed, LA VILLA PROPERTY HUNTER will deal with everything!

The search

We research and investigate for you through the entire market (classified ads, individuals, notaries, our personal contacts, banks, agencies, etc...).

LA VILLA analyzes every single option in order to select the ones that match the specifications study. We visit all the properties and submit reports on the visits. Each report contains a descriptive sheet, photos, videos, detailed comments, advantages and disadvantages. We send it to you and we discuss it on the phone. Thank to the mobile application, you can follow your selected properties 24 hours from your home.

Are you interested in any of these properties?
We then organize visits to the properties whenever it suits you. If you don´t live in the area we will help arrange your travel (flights, hotel, car rental, etc…).

Congratulations, you have found exactly what you wanted!

LA VILLA advises you on the true value of the property and guides you through negotiations while we check the various administrative formalities for you (cadastre, urban planning, etc..)

We will stay by your side advising you objective and personally (election of notary, bank, lawyer, schools, refurbishments, removals, etc…) until the title deed is signed and the keys are in your hands. We advise you further if you so desire, our carefully selected collaborators will help you with any works or removals.

Welcome home!

Experience, advice and quick response capacity, three essential assets that will accompany you!

Do you want to explain your project?

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you, without any commitment, to easily describe your future purchase. LA VILLA PROPERTY HUNTER search properties in a personal way, having access to all properties for sale on the coast. It will help you choose amongst the best opportunities and bargains specially selected for you! You might not believe it, but… the best properties are not in internet!

We will contact you within 24 hours in order to obtain further information and to reply to all your questions.

Your project :

Your data :

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